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During the investigation of "the largest and the most complex identity theft in the U.S. history" a Belarusian Sergey Pavlovich first came to the attention of the investigation. He was later found guilty to the sale of the stolen credit and debit card numbers for fraudulent use.

In 2008 a group of 11 people from different countries were charged with numerous crimes, connected with hacking of a number of retailers and stealing data of 200 million credit cards. The brain of the operations was Albert Gonzalez, who doubled as American intelligence agencies' informer.
According to the American authorities, the losses caused by "11 friends of Gonzalez" exceeded a billion US dollars.
The book is based on real events and is written during its author's 10-year prison sentence.

In Russia, "How to Steal a Million" was read by more than 50 thousand readers.

The book also contains over 30 private pictures of hackers and cybercriminals.

How to Steal A Million: The Memoirs of a Russian Hacker

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Why You Need This Book

You have a credit card? Sure you do. So, you’re a target for lots of hackers, carders, and other cyber crooks.

  • This book will tell you how to protect your credit cards, bank accounts, IDs, and other sensitive stuff from different fraudsters.
  • You will enter a secret world of Russian cyber criminals and hackers and see hundreds of thousands dollars being stolen and spent on women, expensive cars, restaurants and trips to exotic islands.
  • You will be THE FIRST to see private photos of most wanted hackers and carders from Russia and all over the world. Also pictures from Russian court rooms, jails and penal colonies.
  • I will show you how cyber criminals “work” and how IT crimes are investigated by the police and intelligence agencies. These materials have NEVER been published before!
  • It goes without saying, there are crimes in the book. But there is also remorse. I used myself as an example to show young people of the world not to go down the criminal path – be a business instead. Even better if you run a win-win kind of business, that benefits you, your customers, the state you pay taxes to and the whole world in general.
  • Of course, there is also a love story.


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