Chapter 1. Knocking on Heaven’s Door

When life looks like Easy Street
there is danger at your door.
Grateful Dead “Uncle John’s Band”


My name is Sergey Pavlovich. On the web a lot of people know me as PoliceDog, panther[757], Fallen Angel, diplomaticos. American authorities claim I’ve stolen $36 million. What would you do with that kind of money? Would millions of dollars make your life special, vibrant, and happy? Would you dare to make your craziest dream come true? I was spending my money sometimes really stupidly and sometimes exceptionally clever. The most beautiful way to part ways with some cash is, of course, to spend it on women. However, the way that brings you the most joy and also possibly the most “right” one is to become a Santa Claus. To make your gravely ill friend healthy again by paying for his surgery in Germany. To buy your mum a new car, and a computer and a scooter for your nephew. To send your girlfriend’s mum on a dreamy trip to the ocean. To send your ex’s mum to the ocean as well. To lend money knowing you’ll never get it back. It’s always nicer to grant someone else’s wish rather than your own… I will just say it: it’s cool being Santa. Laying on a plank bed and staring at the shabby ceiling for 15 hours a day is not cool at all. But here I am, doing just that… And while I’m at it, I couldn’t care less that I’ve been arrested and placed in a room with 13 other inmates where I can get locked up for years to come. I’m not afraid. Believe it or not.

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How to Steal a Million or Eleven Friends of Albert Gonzalez

During the investigation of “the largest and the most complex identity theft in the U.S. history” a Belarusian Sergey Pavlovich first came to the attention of the investigation. He was later found guilty to the sale of the stolen credit and debit card numbers for fraudulent use.

In 2008 a group of 11 people from different countries were charged with numerous crimes, connected with hacking of a number of retailers and stealing data of 200 million credit cards. The brain of the operations was Albert Gonzalez, who doubled as American intelligence agencies’ informer.

According to the American authorities, the losses caused by “11 friends of Gonzalez” exceeded a billion US dollars.

The book is based on real events and is written during its author’s 10-year prison sentence.

No man is rich enough to buy back his past.
Oscar Wilde

The most important criterion of a business is its profit,
and cybercrime is no exception.
Eugene Kaspersky, CEO and Co-Founder of Kaspersky Lab,
one of world’s leading cybersecurity experts


My wife believes this book was written for her. My mother thinks I’ve put my story on paper because I simply have to keep myself busy, and it was a helpful distraction, when I was in jail. My best friend is sure I must be crazy to be sharing that kind of information. He thinks that even jail can’t tame my hunger for fame, and I want to be remembered in the world that grows more and more delusive as days go by. My editor thinks I’m hoping for a pardon…

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